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We always advise our customers to get their boilers checked annually but is that really necessary, even for a new boiler that works fine and was only installed 12 months ago?

It may be tempting to save yourself some money and skip a year’s service or delay it for a month (and then another month, etc.) but we strongly advise against taking that risk.

Moreheat Ltd. are currently offering a boiler service for just £48* including VAT and here are five key reasons why we insist that booking an annual boiler check is a smart move:

Annual Boiler CheckProtecting your warranty

If you look at the Ts and Cs attached to your boiler’s warranty, you will almost certainly find a clause in there stipulating you must have an annual boiler check for your warranty to remain valid. If you delay your service by even a month, you run the risk of your warranty being voided completely.

The same is likely to apply to your home insurance where it relates to a boiler issue. If you want your boiler manufacturer and/or house insurance provider to pay out in the event of a claim, make sure you stick to your side of the agreement and get that boiler checked annually.

Protecting your family

Did you know that a poorly maintained boiler can put your family’s health and safety at risk? One of the main dangers from a faulty boiler or flue system is the build up of carbon  monoxide. This poisonous gas can lead to sickness and death and is completely invisible with no smell.

During your annual boiler service, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer from Moreheat Ltd. will test flue gases and check for the telltale signs of CO build up. Following a successful check, you will be able to sleep easy knowing that your family are safe.

Gas Boiler Service

Saving energy bills

One of the first effects of a new boiler problem is a drop in performance. You probably won’t notice this for some time but you may become aware that your gas bills are higher than normal.

Your annual Moreheat Ltd. boiler check will enable our engineers to nip problems in the bud and have your boiler running like new again in no time.

Small repairs are cheaper than a boiler breakdown

During a Moreheat Ltd. annual boiler check, our highly trained engineers will study and test every part of your boiler from the smallest seal to the largest pump. Any worn or faulty parts will be replaced with new ones, either on the spot or as soon as possible afterwards.

Without an annual check, these parts will deteriorate further, affecting other parts of the heating system. When the fault becomes obvious, the repair bill is likely to be huge; you may even need to replace your entire boiler.

Landlords – Tie in with your annual gas safety certificate!

By law, landlords have to get their gas appliances and systems checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year. By carrying out a boiler service at the same time (for only £65 including VAT!*) you can kill two birds with one stone.

By tying together your boiler service and gas safety check, you will never run the risk of forgetting the latter – and receiving a hefty fine. Although we always send out annual boiler service email reminders to our customers, we recommend setting up a reminder on a digital calendar just as a precaution.

If it’s coming up to 12 months since your last boiler service – or you don’t know when this was last done – call 01803 605509 today to make a booking.

*Prices were correct at time of writing but are subject to change.




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