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Considering A Bathroom Renovation – Here Are Four Electrical Issues You Need To Take Into Consideration

Bathroom Renovation

There is something special about renovating your bathroom, a room that the adults in particular spend a lot of time in and one which enables them to get some peace and quiet.

Renovating your bathroom can breathe new life into your entire home and it doesn’t need to cost the earth, particularly if you do it yourself.

However, when it comes to the electrical aspects of renovating a bathroom the electrical work is best left to the professionals. There are numerous potential issues that can arise when doing any electrical work as part of a renovation, but here are the four most common issues that many people overlook when they suddenly get the renovation bug.

Choosing The Correct Lighting Can Be One of The Biggest Factors In Making Your Renovation a Success

Full Electrical RewireTiles, flooring, and even bathroom furniture are what most people focus on when renovating a bathroom, but from experience one of the most important components of any bathroom is the lighting. Get it right and it will accentuate every fixture and fitting, get it wrong and what was supposed to be your stunning new room could become a huge disappointment.

Many people want a low light relaxing spa-type lighting setup, but if you choose wisely, otherwise you could end up banging your toes off the fixtures and fittings because your view is so poor. Alternatively, you don’t want to go too far in the other direction and turn your room into something that the Blackpool Illuminations would be proud of as that would not be relaxing at all. The location of the lights as well as the brightness of the bulbs is also a factor that many people can understandably get wrong. At Moreheat, our friendly team of electricians are always available to provide guidance and assistance, which is why so many of our customers recommend us to their friends and family.

Safety is Paramount – You Must fulfil all of Your Legal Obligations

  • Electric and water are not a combination, which is why there are numerous strictly enforced
    regulations in place that must be complied with. Whilst the number of regulations is almost too much to list, here are just some of those regulations that you need to be aware of, and why it is imperative that you have any electrical work undertaken by a professional
  • Every outlet has to be GFCI compliant (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters). This is essential
    because it will protect you and your family from electrocution.
  • You are not allowed to install any outlet within 36 inches of the edge of the sink –
    and in addition, any outlet has to be more than 3 metres from the edge of a bath or shower. The one exception to this rule is a shaver unit. These can be installed closer than the 36-inch rule, but no closer than 600mm of a bath or shower.
  • You cannot install any sockets into a countertop in a face-up position

When installing outlets these must be installed on at least one dedicated circuit specifically excluding the lights circuit. This is to ensure that any high-watt appliances do not trip out the entire bathroom electrical system, leaving you completely in the dark.

Simply put when dealing with electricals particularly in a potentially wet or damp environment, you do not want to take any risks whatsoever, which is why it is imperative that you always employ the services of a professional electrician.

Think About The Electrical Requirements For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation TorquayWhen it comes to a bathroom there are many different ways in which people use their bathroom, and this is something you need to consider when undertaking any bathroom installation or renovation.

In addition to thinking about the various safety aspects mentioned above, every household is likely to have different requirements. Think about where and indeed how many outlets you are likely to need.

This will of course depend on the types of electrical appliances you plan on using in the bathroom. Some people for instance may want to use two different electrical appliances at once, say for example curling tongs and a hair drier, which may necessitate additional circuits and indeed outlets to service your needs.

At the planning stage is it also a good idea to think about how and where you are likely to use your appliances so that the outlets can be installed in the most appropriate place.

Separate Circuits May Be Required

Depending on the plan for your bathroom and any specific additions you want to add, it is quite possible that your current power circuits may not be sufficient to power your concept. The solution to this problem would be to install separate circuits for each addition. To be a little more specific the types of bathroom fitting that we would recommend having their own circuit would include

  • Heated Towel Racks
  • Jacuzzi Bathtubs
  • Underfloor Heating

Electrician In Torquay and ExeterIf you are contemplating adding any of these things as a part of your bathroom remodel it is not only advisable but rather essential in our opinion that you seek the advice or services of a professional electrician. At Moreheat we have been part of the installation process for hundreds of homeowners in and around Torquay. If you want a beautiful, safe and reliable bathroom installation then contact the team at Moreheat in Torquay today on 01392 927761.

As a locally owned and operated company you can be assured of high-quality work, competitive pricing and old-fashioned customer service from start to finish. We understand that as a company we are only as good as our last job, and our positive reputation has taken many years to establish. We are proud of our reputation and will never do anything to put that reputation at risk.

Call Moreheat today on 01392 927761 to start the ball rolling on the bathroom of your dreams.