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Boiler Breakdown: It’s Our Worst Fear

Nobody relishes the thought of a boiler malfunction, especially over the winter months, but according to a recent survey from alternative bank U Account, it is officially our worst fear.

Worcester Greenstar boilerU Account surveyed over 2,000 people and asked them what they were most scared of before compiling the results into a ‘Top 50’ list. And the number one fear of all was enduring a boiler breakdown over winter.

Ironically, respondents were more worried about the boiler breakdown itself than having savings to pay for repair (having insufficient savings ranked number two in the list) or even being able to pay the mortgage (number four).

The good news for homowners in the Torbay and wider south west area is that the qualified Gas Safe engineers at More Heat are on hand to get your boiler back in action should the worst happen. With our out of hours service, you can rest assured that there will be someone available to come to your aid.

What Do I Do if My Boiler Breaks Down?

The first thing to do if your boiler fails in its duty is to take a deep breath and try not to panic. There are many potential reasons why a boiler might suddenly go offline and you won’t necessarily have to think about getting a replacement. In fact, many apparent boiler breakdowns end up being something quite trivial which you or a friend or relative could sort out by running through some basic steps.

Worcester Bosch Installer TorquayFor example, if you have a Worcester Greenstar boiler, we recommend that you follow our troubleshooting steps before making a call. Some of the steps will also apply to other brands of boiler although you should look up the manufacturers’ instructions for more specific advice on these.

If you’ve tried the above and still haven’t got to the root of the problem then we suggest calling More Heat’s boiler specialists on 01803 605509 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) or 07792 722232 (out of hours). We will do our utmost to get your hot water and heating back in action, even if this means applying a temporary fix ahead of a more permanent repair further on down the line.

Preventing Boiler Breakdown with Regular Servicing

Why wait until your boiler gives up the ghost before acting? Rather than risking the possibility of your boiler packing up over the winter, consider booking an annual More Heat boiler service. Our fully trained engineers will give your boiler a thorough check over including monitoring emissions for evidence of carbon monoxide (after all, a boiler can deliver heat yet still be emitting poisonous gases).

We will also make sure your boiler is correctly pressurised and check other aspects of your boiler and heating system to make sure everything is working optimally. A poorly performing boiler will drive up your heating costs and could reduce the lifespan of your central heating system. If we do come across any minor issues we can carry out a repair to make sure that the problem doesn’t get any worse. We can also investigate any underlying issues which might be reducing performance.

With regular servicing, you won’t have to worry about a boiler breakdown because you will have proof that your boiler is in good condition. This added peace of mind should help you to get a good night’s sleep – which is just as well since a lack of sleep is apparently our third biggest fear in life!

To book a service or heating system investigation from a Gas Safe registered engineer, please call More Heat on 01803 605509 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) or 07792 722232 (out of hours).








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