Annual Boiler Service and Safety Check

Have You Booked Your Annual Boiler Service and Safety Check?

Is your annual boiler service and safety check due yet? Your boiler may be working fine at the moment (and there are sure to be a hundred and one things you would rather spend your money on) but there are many reasons why your service should be treated as a priority.

Why you Should Always Remember your Annual Boiler and Safety Check

The number one reason why you need to stay on top of your annual service is the carbon monoxide safety check. Although your CO levels will probably be normal, faults can happen at any time and the longer you leave it between checks, the more likely it is that something goes wrong. Even a brand new boiler could have been badly installed which can sometimes result in excessive carbon monoxide production.

Since carbon monoxide has no colour or scent and can cause death within hours, neglecting your safety check is not worth the risk.

Another reason to keep on top of your annual safety check is to pick up on the early signs of any faults. Not only will this enable your heating engineer to nip problems in the bud (saving money further down the line), it will also ensure your central heating system is running optimally, keeping energy bills as low as possible.

What Happens During an Annual Boiler Service and Safety Check?

A boiler service should only ever be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer. Moreheat engineers are on the Gas Safe Register (529436) so you can rest assured that you and your family’s safety is our number one priority.

It will save time if you ensure that your boiler is accessible when the heating engineer arrives. They will then carry out a number of critical tasks such as:

  • Inspecting the boiler itself
  • Inspecting the boiler controls
  • Inspecting the water cylinder (if relevant)
  • Checking carbon monoxide levels using industry standard tools
  • Checking for damage, corrosion and leaks
  • Checking gas pressure
  • Removing the front panel and looking at the components
  • Adjusting controls for optimal performance
  • Cleaning and other checks

Providing no safety concerns or problems are discovered you can relax and enjoy another 12 months’ hot water and central heating without the fear that something will go wrong or that you are spending more on energy bills than you ought to be.

Please note: if you are a landlord, you have a legal obligation to obtain a gas safety certificate from a Gas Safe Registered engineer every year.

Other Boiler and Central Heating Services

Of course, if you are experiencing any problems with your boiler or heating system you shouldn’t wait until your annual service to get it resolved.

A Gas Safe engineer will be trained to deal with any boiler problems, including:

  • Loss of hot water or heating
  • Pilot light going out
  • Boiler switching itself off
  • Radiators cold or uneven
  • Thermostats and valves not working

What Happens if I Smell Gas?

If you smell gas, you will need to have the property checked by the National Grid Helpline before a heating engineer can investigate any underlying problems.

First, turn off the gas at the meter, open all doors and windows for ventilation and avoid creating any flames or electrical sparks. You should then call 0800 111 999. Once the house has been checked and made safe, you can call in Moreheat or another Gas Safe Registered heating engineer to handle the underlying problem.

To book your annual service or any of our other boiler, plumbing or heating services, please call Moreheat on 01803 605509 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) or 07792 722232 (out of hours).

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