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Why you should service your boiler now, before winter arrives

It’s always great to be able to go out and enjoy some mild weather in the autumn months but it is also worth remembering that winter is only just around the corner and temperatures can plummet quickly.

October or November is the time when many of us start putting on the boiler to heat the home in the mornings and evenings. If you haven’t done this yet, it is a good idea. Giving your boiler and central heating system a ‘test run’ while the weather isn’t too severe will highlight any obvious issues that need sorting out.

A Boiler Service Picks up on Hidden Problems

Even better than a test run is a full boiler service carried out by qualified Gas Safe engineers from reputable companies such as More Heat Ltd. This should ideally be carried out every year.

If you are aware of an issue with your boiler, such as dripping, unusual noises, high or low pressure or an unreliable pilot light, an urgent boiler service should be high on your priority list. However, even if everything seems to be in good working order we still recommend an annual check-up to be absolutely sure. The ordinary homeowner will be unaware of the subtle signs of an impending breakdown and may neglect certain important checks (e.g, they may not think to check the pressure gauge).

A Minor Expense Now Can Save you From Major Emergency Costs Later

The longer you use a boiler that is not functioning correctly, the more likely it is to break down. Minor problems can usually be fixed fairly quickly and cheaply but they definitely won’t rectify themselves! In fact, they will gradually worsen and become major issues further down the line. Your dripping, knocking or temperamental boiler may last the winter but equally it may not. In any case, when your boiler does grind to a halt it will almost certainly cost more to repair and may even require replacement (with most people needing to draw on their savings to fund it).

Not only that but a faulty boiler is also an inefficient boiler. This leads to higher energy bills that add up to significant expense the longer the problem lasts.

Whichever way you look at it, servicing your boiler sooner rather than later is a smart move.

No One Needs a Boiler Breakdown Over the Holiday Season

The festive season is often a very busy (and sometimes stressful) time for homeowners, especially for those who are entertaining family and friends. With the extra demand for warm rooms and hot water, you will want to be sure that your boiler is up to the job rather than take unnecessary risks. The last thing anyone needs is a boiler breakdown on their hands, especially with emergency engineers in high demand at this time of year.

Fortunately for residents in the Torquay and wider Torbay area, Moreheat Ltd. are on hand to perform a competitively priced boiler service to give you complete peace of mind over the winter. After thoroughly checking every aspect of your boiler we will advise you of any repair work that we recommend and carry this out to the highest industry standards. We are Gas Safe registered (529436) which is a legal requirement for anybody working with gas appliances.

If you are a landlord, we can provide you with your annual Gas Safety Record at the same time as servicing your boiler for added convenience.

We hope you decide to make the sensible choice and call us as soon as you can. Our friendly team can be contacted on 01803 605509 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) or 07792 722232 (out of hours).








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