Buying A New House

Buying A New House - Don't Ignore Your Boiler Check Remember To Get The Boiler Checked

Buying a new property is an exciting and often overwhelming process. There are literally thousands of different checks which need to be done, and it is all too easy to miss some, and failure to get a boiler check done could prove a very costly mistake.

If you are buying your dream home on a relatively new estate, it might be safe to assume that the boiler is in perfect working condition. The boiler in a new build property could be anywhere between brand new and ten years old.

There is no guarantee that it has been properly serviced and maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If it has not been appropriately serviced, this may mean that any warranty is null and void, which means that if and when things go wrong as the homeowner, you will be liable for the repair or replacement cost.

Remember that the sellers’ requirement to provide a Home Information Pack was suspended from the 21st May 2010. The only thing that a seller now needs to provide is an Energy Performance Certificate. When making the most significant purchase of your life, it pays to protect yourself in every way possible.

A Good Investment

Compared to the cost of replacing your boiler, a boiler service and check could prove to be a very shrewd investment. If the boiler in your potential new property is not in good working order or will need to be replaced within the next year, this could prove an excellent point to raise with the potential seller when making an offer.

Depending on the type of boiler in the property, the replacement cost, including fitting, could range between £1000 and £3500. And that is just the cost of the boiler.

At More-Heat, we conduct a full and extensive check of your system, including radiators and bathroom items, as all of these could need replacing as well.

Gas Safety Certificate

When it comes to gas central heating, you want to know that the system is functioning correctly so that you and your family are totally safe. The only way to ensure this is to have a current gas safety certificate issued by a Gas Safe qualified engineer.

This is another recommendation it might be worth considering before completing the purchase of any property.

New Bathroom ToiletMoreheat – The Plumbing Company Torquay Trusts

As one of the most popular plumbing and heating companies in Torquay, we conduct hundreds of checks every year for people considering purchasing a new home.

We are competitively priced and conduct full and comprehensive checks to make sure you can buy your property with confidence.

Although it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing a new property, this is one instance where it is critical not to let your heart rule your head.

If you want to book our boiler and heating system test, contact our customer service team on 01803 605509 for a free no-obligation quotation.