How to Choose the Best Electrician in Torquay

Best Electrician in Torquay

How to Choose the Best Electrician in Torquay and Exeter: Your Ultimate Guide

Choosing an electrician to work in your home or business is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Electricity is not something you want to be employing an amateur to do, because if anything goes wrong, it could be catastrophic. Moreheat’s team of highly qualified electricians have many years of experience in the industry and we have built up an excellent reputation over many years.

Unfortunately, we have been called out far too many times to rectify problems that other electricians have made which is what prompted us to write this comprehensive guide designed to help people choose wisely. We are confident that by following the guidelines in this article you will have done everything in your power to ensure that you are hiring a qualified reliable electrician to work on your property.

What to Look for in an Electrician

Electrician In Torquay and ExeterThe first thing you should research when contemplating hiring an electrician is what their local reputation is. Any tradesperson can tell you how wonderful they are but the best people to ask or seek the opinion of, are the people who have used a company. They have nothing to gain or lose by telling you the truth so ask friends and family if they have any recommendations.

Spend some time online reading reviews of any companies you are considering using. And perhaps most importantly take your time, and don’t be rushed into any decisions, unless of course, you find yourself in an emergency situation. This should help you to eliminate many companies, and narrow down the potential list of candidates to a more manageable number.

Certifications and Qualifications

Full Electrical RewireAn essential and relatively simple way to check if your electrician is fully qualified is to ask to see their ID badge. This ID badge, which they should carry with them at all times, will have a photo of them, and part of their qualification details.

The governing body of electricians is the NICEIC. NICEIC have a searchable database which anyone can check to verify if a prospective tradesman is properly qualified. Never let anyone start work on your electrical systems without checking their ID and validating the information on the NICEIC database.

As you would expect all of the electricians at MoreHeat are fully qualified, on the register and will be more than happy to show you their ID badges.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

There are essentially four key questions we believe you should ask any electrician before hiring them. None of these questions are particularly difficult and any quality electrician would have no issues answering them. The four questions are

1. Do you have any references? – Any electrician should have numerous references and be more than happy to share them, or even let you speak to his previous customers.

2. Do you offer any type of guarantee? – Again this shouldn’t be an issue at MoreHeat we want all of our customers to be delighted with our work which is why we always stand fully behind it. In the unlikely event that anything ever does go wrong, we will be more than happy to rectify it if it was a result of our workmanship or equipment.

3. Are you insured? – Again any reputable electrician will have full public liability insurance which will cover virtually any potential issue should anything go wrong comfortably. As you would rightfully expect MoreHeat has a fully comprehensive public liability insurance cover.

4. Are you licensed? – As mentioned above all electricians should be on the NICEIC register so it’s critical that you ask that question.

Why Local Experience Matters

Fuse Board ReplacementFinally, we believe that a local company such as ourselves is always a better option than a national company. With a national company you will rarely if ever receive that personal touch, you will always be just another number. With a local company, you as our customer are the lifeblood of the company and we rely on your positive experiences to recommend us to your friends and family. This is in essence how we have grown our business with nearly 90 per cent of our new customers coming via way of personal referrals.

Whatever your electrical requirements, if you live in Torquay or Exeter and the surrounding areas, then contact MoreHeat today on 01803 605509. It could well be the best decision you have ever made.