Commercial Gas Safety Check – It’s The Law

Commercial Gas Safety Check

Commercial Gas Safety Check – It’s The Law

Running a business is a little like spinning plates; there are so many tasks and challenges that must be overcome, but if your business involves any equipment powered by gas, you will require a commercial gas safety check certificate.

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

Buying A New House - Don't Ignore Your Boiler CheckThink of a gas safety certificate as your legal proof that you have fulfilled your legal obligations as a business owner. Any business owner or landlord must ensure that their gas appliances are inspected by a suitably qualified gas engineer every twelve months. This inspection aims to ensure that the gas equipment is working as it should and that it is perfectly safe. The reason these checks are critical is due to the fact that a faulty or poorly installed piece of gas-powered equipment could potentially cause catastrophic damage.

Even if there is no explosion, there is the additional risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why the law states that your equipment must be checked annually. Upon completion of the gas safety checks, a company will be issued with a commercial gas safety certificate.

Who Can Issue A Gas Safety Certificate?

Commercial Gas Safety CertificatesAs a legal document, only a qualified gas safe engineer can issue your business with a commercial gas safety certificate. Although the process is not particularly lengthy, the gas engineer will attend your premises and perform a number of specified tests on each piece of equipment that needs to be checked. These tests include but are not limited to a visual test, pressure and functionality checks. Additionally, any gas appliances that require the use of an extraction system to get rid of any gases created during the combustion process will also be checked to ensure that the extraction process is fit for purpose.

How Do I Know That Someone is A Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

What To Look For In A Good PlumberThe Gas Safe Register is the official registration body of gas businesses and engineers in the United Kingdom. Every gas business in the country is legally obligated to be on this register. Their engineers can only be issued with a licence permitting them to complete gas work on the companies behalf if their qualification is both current and valid. To check if an individual engineer is currently Gas Safe registered, the easiest option is to check that their unique 7-digit licence number appears on the Gas Safe register. Before letting any gas engineer into your premises, ask to see their Gas Safe ID card, which will contain their licence number.

What Are The Potential Penalties If I Do Not Have A Commercial Gas Safety Certificate?

As mentioned above, a gas safety certificate is a legal requirement. If your business does not have one of these certificates, or it has expired, then you are breaking the law. The penalties for this can range from a fine to potential imprisonment, dependent on the severity of the case.

More Heat is a fully gas safe registered company, and all of our engineers are registered on the Gas Safe register. If you need a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate, give us a call today on 01803 605 509 or 01392 927761 to arrange an appointment.