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Electrical Testing TorquayIn television shows, the idea of becoming a landlord is portrayed as an exciting way in which to earn residual income and potentially profit from your property portfolio.

While there is little doubt that investing in property and renting out that property can be a shrewd move, there are also significant responsibilities.

One of the most important responsibilities of being a landlord is ensuring that your electricity supply, wiring and appliances all meet the required standard.

Failure to meet your legal implications could have a significant impact on both you as a landlord and, of course, life-threatening risks for your tenants.

Your Legal Responsibilities

Because of how dangerous faulty electrical installations can be, laws have been passed for the safety of the tenant. All rental properties in England and Scotland are legally required to have an Electrical Installation Report.

This is a law that is strictly enforced, and it is worth noting that failure to comply with it will invalidate most, if not all, landlord insurance policies, as well as potentially leaving the landlord at risk of civil proceedings.

What Is An EICR Report?

As the name suggests, an Electrical Installation Condition Report is a full and in-depth report completed by a qualified electrician. The inspection covers a wide range of tests, including but not limited to:

  • Confirming that all devices are protected against fire and electric shock – essentially ensuring that the earthing and bonding are adequate
  • Checking and identifying whether there are any damaged electrical fittings and accessories
  • Checking all of the wiring to see if there are any exposed live wires that could cause injuries or fires;
  • Searching for any damage to or wear that could compromise the safety of visitors/tenants.

A Graded Report

Upon completion of the tests, the landlord is presented with a graded report.

C1 – This is the worst report level, and it identifies that the electrics have been deemed dangerous and will need immediate work.

C2 – This report level identifies any current electrical dangers and tells the landlord that immediate work is recommended.

C3 – This classification is given when there are no specific identified dangers but where the electrician believes some improvements could be made.

MoreHeat – Local Reliable Trustworthy

Full Electrical RewireAt More Heat, our qualified electricians regularly complete EICR inspections in and around the Torquay area. We offer an efficient, professional and complete EICR testing service that fulfils all of your legal requirements as a landlord.

If you are searching for a local company you can trust, a company that values your business and which will not let you down, then More Heat is the company you have been looking for.

Call us today on 01803 605 509 to book an appointment and ensure that you fulfil your obligations as a landlord and do not fall foul of the law.