How To Choose The Best Electrical Contractor For Your New Home Extension

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With the cost of living crisis and widespread concern around interest rates and the future direction of the housing market, more and more people are choosing to stay in their current property and enhance it with a home extension.

Whilst this is an excellent option and a good way to increase available space and add value to your property, it pays to make the right choices when it comes to the contractors you use, none more so than the electrical contractor.

It’s Important To Follow All of The Local and National Regulations

Full Electrical RewireOne of the most important factors in choosing an electrical contractor and why doing it yourself is not really an option is because there are numerous building regulations which must be followed. These regulations are put in place for your safety and, just as importantly, for the protection of your neighbours. Indeed since 1st January 2005, every homeowner and landlord must ensure that every aspect of any new electrical work carried out in a dwelling must comply with the regulations and requirements set down in the Approved Document (part P) of the building regulations.

Many people are unaware that failing to abide by this is a criminal offence. Furthermore, if you have not complied with the rules and regulations, the local authority has it within its power to force you to remove the extension or alter the work. This could cause severe financial complications and far exceed any savings you think you might make by doing it yourself. Hopefully, you have now decided that it is important to hire a professional, so what questions should you ask any prospective electrical contractor before you hire them?

Do They Have The Relevant Insurance?

Regardless of your level of competency or qualifications within the building trade, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. In most cases, these problems are easily rectified. However, when fixing the issue is more complex, you want to know that any electrical contractor you employ has full and comprehensive insurance to meet your best interests. At a very minimum, they should have professional indemnity insurance. MoreHeat has all of the relevant insurance policies.

Do They Have The Qualifications To Complete The Job?

Never assume that every electrician is qualified to complete an electrical wiring extension in your property. When dealing with electrics, you cannot afford to take any risks, so always ask to see and confirm any prospective contractor’s qualifications. If they are suitably qualified, then they will have no issues in showing you their qualifications; alarm bells should ring if they are hesitant to provide the necessary documentation. The team at More Heat take great pride in the work they complete and will always be more than happy to provide you with their credentials.

Electrical Testing TorquayHow Good Is Their Reputation – Check For Testimonials

Another good tip is to check for and, indeed, ask for previous customer testimonials. These testimonials will come from totally independent people who have used their services, and so this is an excellent way to validate the quality of their work.

At More Heat, we have established an excellent reputation and have many positive testimonials from happy customers. We are more than happy to provide you with some of these to demonstrate the quality of our work.

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