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Electrical Fault Finding – No Issue Too Big or Too Small

Many homeowners have encountered the frustrating issue where they either have a very small job that needs attention or some minor problem with their electrics that needs diagnosing. However, because this is inevitably viewed by many electrical contractors as a minor job, in fact, some might say inconvenience, the customer needs help finding someone willing to undertake the job. And as we all know, with electrical issues, the potential for a significant problem is ever-present when it comes to faulty electrics.

At Moreheat Ltd, we do not view any job as small or large; we view it as an opportunity to help our customers, grow our business and keep everyone safe. That is why we are always happy to assist with any job, regardless of the size or complexity.

Never Ignore A Electrical Fault or Issue – Get Moreheat to Investigate it Today.

Electrical Testing TorquayThe problem with faulty electrics is that they can and unfortunately often do lead to serious injury either by a shock or, in the worst case scenario, by fire. When you call Moreheat to investigate any electrical faults, you are taking positive action to reduce that risk and, in the process, improve your property’s safety.

Our friendly and professional electrical expert James Pointing is fully qualified with many years of experience. He is renowned in Torquay for the quality of his work, and his determination to get to the bottom of any issues that present themselves is why so many people will only ever use James.

Although he is extremely busy, we will always aim to get James to you as quickly as possible because we understand the severity of these types of situations. Once we have diagnosed the problem, in the vast majority of cases, James will be able to resolve the issue on the same day, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of work that we provide.

If You Are Even Slightly Worried About An Electrical Issue or Fault, Call Moreheat Today

Full Electrical RewireAs you can imagine, we are always extremely busy, and as our reputation continues to grow, the amount of availability we have becomes even more limited. If you are concerned that your house may have some electrical fault, then our advice would always be to contact us as a matter of priority. It is highly unlikely that an electrical fault will resolve itself, and the longer you leave it, the bigger the potential risk to your home and family.

To make an appointment call our friendly customer service team Today on 01803 605 509. We will always endeavour to get James to you as quickly as possible, and depending on your issue or problem, we can often provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation. Moreheat Ltd is a proud, locally owned and operated business that embraces being a part of the local community. We are confident that once you experience our levels of service and customer care that you will never use any other company again.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations and, more importantly, to keeping you and your home safe.