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Choosing an Electrician is not a task that should be taken lightly; you want a qualified, reliable and competitively-priced company that will do the job quickly and efficiently.

So how do you go about the process and hire an electrician in Exeter with confidence?

Follow the tips outlined below, and you will have done everything possible to ensure that the company you choose will do an excellent job.

Full Electrical RewireCheck The National Database For A Registered Electrician

If you do nothing else at all in regards to your hiring process, then ensure that you only hire a registered electrician. Electrical work can be dangerous, which is why the government highly regulates it. In order to find a registered electrician in your area, all you need to do is visit this site.

Then simply enter your postcode, and it will provide you with a list of registered electricians close to your home address. Needless to say, the electricians at MoreHeat are fully qualified and appear on that National Database.

Why Is It Important to Hire A Registered Electrician?

There are five key reasons why it is essential to hire a registered electrician.

  1. As mentioned above, registered electricians are regulated by the United Kingdom Government.
  2. This means that they have to complete their work to a specified standard, namely BS7671 safety standard.
  3. Their work is regularly assessed by the relevant authorities, ensuring that their standards are at the required level.
  4. Part of the requirement for being a registered electrician is that they are insured, which means that you and your property are protected.
  5. It’s a legal requirement for certain electrical work.

Get A Minimum of 3 Quotes

Unless it is a very minor job, our advice is to always get three quotes for the work that is required. Although this might sound contradictory to our business interests at Moreheat, we are confident that not only are we competitively priced but also that you will be extremely impressed with our team and want them to undertake the work.

Ask For References

Another important tip is asking prospective electricians to see references from previous clients. At Moreheat, we have a large volume of testimonials and references from delighted customers, and we will be only too happy to share some of those with you.

Ask For A Written Quote

When you are being quoted, always ask for a written quote detailing the work’s full scope. This protects you and the firm in question when the job has been completed. The quote should be on headed paper and signed by a company representative. At Moreheat, we always provide written and comprehensive quotes to our prospective customers.

Electrician In Exeter

Ask if They Sub Contract

Another important question to ask is if the company you are considering does the work themselves or if they subcontract. At Moreheat, we never subcontract. We value our reputation too much.

At Moreheat, we have spent over 30 years establishing an excellent reputation within the Devon area. We are very proud of this reputation and will never do anything to place that reputation at risk.

That is why we are confident that choosing Moreheat as your electrician in Exeter is the best decision you will ever make.

Give us a call today at 01803 605 509 to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation.