Energy Bills Are Through The Roof

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Why Renewable Energy Could Be The Solution

Unless you have been living off the grid for the last couple of weeks, you will be all too aware of the horrendous increase in the cost of energy. The government regulator Ofgem announced that the price cap, which effectively limits the amount of money energy companies can charge their customers, has increased by a record 54%. As a consequence, the average customer should expect to pay an additional £693 per year.

And if you thought that was bad, there is a high probability that the price cap will rise again in October. Unless you enjoy paying your energy companies an ever-increasing amount of money, it might be time to look at alternative solutions for your energy needs.

Moreheat, your local heating and plumbing specialists can help you future proof your home, save money on your energy bills and become more environmentally friendly. And did you know that it is possible to make money by selling any excess energy your solar panels generate back to the national grid?

Renewable Energy – Your 2 Options Solar Thermal Panels and Air Source Heat Pumps

Solar Thermal Panels

You do not need us to tell you about the many benefits of living in the South West of England, but yet another benefit that can be added to the list is the amount of sun our wonderful county delivers.

By fitting solar power panels, you are essentially using the free energy provided by the sun to provide the vast majority of your hot water needs in the summer and make a small contribution during the winter.

Moreheat engineers can supply and install solar thermal panels from scratch or retrofit to an existing hot water system depending on your situation.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Many properties in Exeter are not on the mains gas supply, forcing those homeowners to use alternative sources of energy, such as oil or solid fuel. As you may have noticed with your petrol or diesel costs, oil, in particular, can be particularly volatile, which is why an air source heat pump might be a very economical solution.

Air Source heat pumps are the perfect solution for houses that are off the gas grid, as they are powered by electricity. Essentially this technically advanced equipment works in much the same way as your fridge but in reverse. It takes the cold air from outside and efficiently converts it into warm air that gets pumped into your home. Air source heat pumps can also power your hot water and central heating needs cost-effectively, all while being environmentally friendly.

The engineers at Moreheat follow strict guidelines and are fully qualified. Moreheat is also a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), which is the nationally recognised benchmark for installation systems used to produce energy from renewable sources. Upon completion of the installation of your system, Moreheat will provide you with an MCS certificate.

If you are interested in cutting your energy bills and trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, give Moreheat a call today on 01803 605 509 to discuss all of your options, and get your free quotation.