Is It Time For A Full Electrical Rewire?

Full Electrical RewireRewiring your home is often a daunting proposition and one of those tasks many homeowners put off due to the perceived expense and upheaval that such a job can entail. However, this is not a job that can be ignored from a safety perspective, as faulty electrical wiring could lead to catastrophic issues and problems.

The recommendation is that for a residential property, the electrical wiring should be by a qualified electrician at least every ten years. If you own a rental property, this drops to every five years or at the change of tenancy.

What Are The Obvious Signs That My Home May Need A Rewire?

If your property is 30 years old, then regardless of the status of the wiring, it is highly likely to need some work to be undertaken in order to meet modern standards. This will include jobs such as replacing the fuse box with a modern, up-to-date consumer unit. Even as a non-qualified electrician, you can generally tell that your home is in need of a rewire if it has rubber, lead or fabric insulated cabling.

Today’s modern cabling is PVCu coated and grey or white in colour. Another sign that your wiring needs replacement is when your system begins to trip consistently, blow fuses or, in the worst-case scenario, spark.

If You Need A Rewire, Then Use The Opportunity To Add Convenience

Once you acknowledge or discover the need for a full home rewire, this is the perfect opportunity to make any tweaks or additions to your home electrical system that you might have been putting off. Older houses, in particular, may not have had a sufficient number of electrical sockets fitted. With the ever-increasing number of electrical gadgets we all have in our home, you can never have enough sockets. Additionally, if you are considering selling your home in the near future, a recent rewire can be a huge selling point.

Full Electrical RewireMoreheat is a locally owned and operated company that provides heating and electrical services in Torquay, Torbay and South Devon. The company has been in business since 1988 and has established a reputation for high-quality, reliable work at competitive prices. Originally a plumbing company, the business has recently evolved to incorporate an electrical division, which eschews the same values and foundations of the plumbing division. Integrity is at the core of Moreheat; we will never recommend or undertake work that is not necessary.

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