Fuse Board Replacement

Fuse Board Replacement

Everything You Need To Know About Fuse Board Replacement

Let’s be honest in the grand scheme of things, very few homeowners give their fuse board a second thought. Provided it is not tripped, the fuse board is hidden away, typically under the stairs, and forgotten about. And yet it is fair to say that the fuse board is one of the most essential and important safety devices in any property. That said, a key question every homeowner or landlord should ask is, “When is the optimal time to replace a fuse board?”

When Should I Replace A Fuse Board?

Electrical Testing TorquayAt Moreheat, we are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and value to our customers. We never recommend any course of work unless we believe it to be essential, and that includes the replacement timing of a fuse board.

The good news is that modern fuse boards have a much longer lifespan; in fact, in the vast majority of cases, the reason most people in Exeter news to change their fuse board, provided they have a modern one installed, will be when they need to upgrade their electrics or if they are adding an extension to their property.

If your fuse board is older, then changing regulations may necessitate an upgrade, and the final reason when you may be forced to upgrade the fuse board is if it becomes damaged. Obviously, if the fuse board is older, you will know that it is likely to need upgrading, in the same way if there is obvious damage to it. If neither of these scenarios applies, then the reality is that you are unlikely to need to change your fuse board.

What is a Fuse Board, and What Is Its Purpose?

A fuse board, which may also be referred to as a fuse box, is a piece of equipment designed to safeguard your property. Essentially its primary purpose is to prevent a surge of electricity from causing damage. The fuse board contains a number of Residual current devices or RCDs for different parts of your electrical system. You will likely, for instance, have an RCD for the upstairs lights, the downstairs lights, your electric oven, and your mains plugs. Should there be an unexpected surge of power in any of these circuits, then that specific circuit will trigger the RCD to cut power and trip off, hopefully preventing anyone in the property from being hurt.

Is Replacing A Fuse Board a Long and Complicated Job?

The location of the fuse board, paired with its age, will play a significant part in the length of time it takes anyone to replace it. If access is limited, for instance, or if the reason why it is being changed is due to damage, then adequate precautions must be factored into the equation. The skill and knowledge of the electrician will also play a factor in the time it takes to complete the work. At MoreHeat, all of our electricians are fully qualified, with many years of experience in the industry. However, the simple answer to the question is that, on average, it should take anywhere between two and five hours to replace a fuse box.

Can I Legally Complete The Work Myself?

Fuse Board ReplacementAs mentioned above, the sole purpose of a fuse board is to protect you and your family from the dangers of an electrical problem. Is this something you want to take risks with? Our advice would be that replacing a fuse board is a job for a professional. The law states that this type of job is “notifiable”. What this actually means is that you can complete the work yourself, but then it has to be signed off (checked and authorized) by a fully qualified electrician.

The issue that most people then have is finding a qualified electrician who is prepared to check your work for you and then put their name to the documentation. There are a number of reasons why this can be a challenge, if not nigh on impossible, and that is because any faults or issues further down the line will essentially be their responsibility as the electrician who signed off on the work. Would you want to put your name on such a valuable piece of safety equipment if you did not fit it yourself? For the amount of time and money, it will cost you to do the work yourself and then pay an electrician; if you can even find one to certify your work for you, it is just easier to pay a professional to do it in the first place.

What Should I Expect To Pay To Have A Fuse Board Replaced in Exeter?

With so many variables, it is virtually impossible to give you an accurate figure without visiting your property, which is one of the reasons why MoreHeat are always happy to visit your property to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation. On average, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of £500 for a fuse board replacement. Of Course, you may be offered a cheaper quote, but be mindful of the importance of your fuse board. If anyone quotes you a price below, say, £400.00, then be very wary.

When A Fuse Board is Replaced, Are There Hidden Additional Costs To Account For?

Fuse Board ReplacementThe good news is that with a fuse board replacement, the cost quoted is typically the cost you will pay. The only potential additional costs would be if, for instance, the wall where the old fuse board was attached to crumbled or needed to be replastered or whatever when the old board was removed. This will not be excessively expensive, but it is critical that the fuse board is secured to the wall properly and safely.

If you think you need a fuse board replaced, then you probably do. However, rather than worry about the situation or keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best, call More Heat today for a free no, obligation quotation.

If our electrician team does not feel that you need a new fuse board, they will tell you that. At More Heat, Integrity is non-negotiable, so call us today on:

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