How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Combi Boiler?

How Much Is A Combi Boiler?

If you are contemplating purchasing a new combi boiler, then it makes sense to plan ahead and work out your budget before moving forward. The price of a combi boiler can vary dramatically due to a number of different factors, which we will discuss later in the article. Essentially you should set a budget of between £1400 including Vat to £3000 including Vat.

At Moreheat, we have a very transparent pricing system; we will come to your property, provide you with a very competitive quote, and that will be the fixed price you pay. There are no hidden costs or extras, so you can order from us with confidence.

Why Does The Cost Of A Replacement Combi Boiler Vary So Much?

Buying A New House - Don't Ignore Your Boiler CheckSimply put, a boiler has an average lifespan of approximately ten years, and in that timespan, technology, interior decoration, and numerous other things might change.

You may not have a combi boiler currently fitted, or because the size of a combi boiler is traditionally smaller than older boilers, you may want to move the location of the boiler.

Extensions to the properties can also mean a new boiler is needed and also a larger gas supply to feed the boiler. All of these things will affect the amount of money you will have to pay for boiler installation.

What Exactly Is A Combi Boiler?

Combi is short for combination, and a combi boiler provides your home with central heating and hot water via the boiler. Combi Boilers heat the water on demand because there is no water tank, which used to be the case with traditional boilers. There are a number of key benefits to owning a combi boiler, which is why they have increased in popularity in recent years. These include:

  1. They Save Space – Because there is only one device, there is no need for a separate water tank, so particularly in new build properties where space is at a premium, a combi boiler is now the number one type of boiler chosen by builders.
  2. Increased Power For Showers – In a traditional setup, the hot water for your shower came via the hot water tank, so the pressure was never particularly strong. With a combi boiler, the water is delivered direct from the mains, delivering much better pressure and a more refreshing shower.
  3. Never Run Out Of Hot Water – With a traditional boiler, once the pre-heated water in the storage tank was used up, there was a significant delay before more hot water was ready. Additionally, the boiler heated up water every night, whether it was needed or not. With a combi boiler, it heats the water on demand, which is much more economical, and additionally, means that hot water is always available when required.

Think Carefully About Which Heating Company You Choose – Moreheat Never Sub-Contracts Boiler Replacement Installations

What Combi Boiler Do I NeedThere are many national companies who will provide a quote to replace your combi-boiler, but unfortunately, in our opinion, these national companies then sub-contract the work to local heating companies.

This then places you in the difficult situation of not really knowing who to deal with should anything ultimately go wrong. As a locally-based company, our reputation means everything to us.

We work extremely hard to ensure that the job we undertake, whether installing a new combi boiler, replacing a combi boiler, or repairing faulty central heating, is done to the highest possible standards.

We offer market-leading after-sales support, and in the highly unlikely situation where something goes wrong, you can rely on More Heat to rectify the issue without any argument or hassle.

If you need a new combo boiler or anticipate replacing your current boiler in the next 12 to 18 months contact our customer service team today to arrange a free no-obligation quotation.