Why It Makes Sense To Choose One Company To Complete Your New Bathroom Installation 

New Bathroom Installation

Choosing a new bathroom can be a fun experience, but it is vital to conduct your due diligence on the contractors you choose when it comes to the installation process. Having worked in the industry for many years, we have come to the conclusion that it makes sense to choose one contractor to undertake all of the work. In our opinion, this leads to a smoother, less complicated process and significantly less hassle for you, the homeowner. Let’s explain the rationale behind our thought process.

New Bathroom InstallationYou Only Have To Deal With One Company – Halving The Potential Challenges That Can Go Wrong

Have you ever had to take a day off work to wait for a specific delivery, only for that delivery not to arrive? This is one of the most common problems we hear about when we attend other jobs to make good on work that our competitors failed to complete. Choosing one company to complete the installation work reduces the potential for that to happen by fifty per cent; you only have one point of contact throughout the job, which streamlines the process.

Additionally, at Moreheat, we ensure that the electrical and plumbing department works in conjunction to save time, hassle and disruption for our customers. Our planning and preparation process ensures that every aspect of your installation works like clockwork. This is one of the reasons why we constantly receive positive feedback and five-star testimonials. Read our latest Google review here

Each Team Knows and Understands How The Other Team Works

There are hundreds of little idiosyncrasies when it comes to completing electrical or plumbing jobs. Although the options may be minimal, when combined, they can be the difference between a perfect professional job or one that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. Because our teams have worked together on hundreds of different jobs, they understand exactly what the other team needs. This familiarity ensures that the teams complement each other, which ultimately leads to professional, first-class workmanship.

There is No Shifting The Blame When it Comes To After Sales Support

New Bathroom Installation TorquayEvery homeowner has been in the terrible predicament of having some sort of issue arise with a particular job, only for the vendor to try shifting the blame. The electrician blames the plumber when the boiler doesn’t work properly, or the tiler refuses to correct their work when there is a leak in the pipework. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have to go into battle with a variety of contractors, which is the other significant advantage of dealing with one company.

At Moreheat, although we rarely have any after-sales issues, we have a policy of owning the problem. Because we do the entire job from start to finish, we always accept responsibility and never try to shift the blame. We appreciate the fact that you entrusted your work to our company, so we stand behind it 100 per cent. If you have a problem with any of the work we complete, you can call us confident in the knowledge that we will rectify it. This is one of the reasons why we have been in business in Devon since 1988 and have built up such an excellent reputation.

Don’t take the risk of splitting your bathroom installation between two or three companies; call Moreheat today for a free no-obligation quotation.

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