New Builds Electrical Installation

New Builds Electrical Installation

Choose A Local Plumbing and Electrical Firm You Can Trust

Full Electrical RewirePerhaps only twenty years ago, the electrical work in a new build property was basic and minimal. It would have involved a few mains cables, a telephone line, installing a doorbell and a television aerial.

But in the last twenty years, the demands on electrical appliances and, as a consequence, installations have increased dramatically.

Security systems are now viewed by many as a basic requirement, internet networking, Ring doorbells, and even loft circuits. Then there are other essentials, such as smoke detectors, that must be fitted in specific locations and meet building requirements. Consequently, choosing the right electrician to install the electrical systems of any new build has become ever more critical.

Why Choosing A Local Electrician For Your Work Makes Sense

As discussed above, choosing the right electrician for your new build development could very well be one of the most important decisions you have to make. And in our opinion choosing a locally based electrician makes sense for a number of important reasons.

Quantum Heating Systems1. Local Firms Rely On Their Reputation

Any local small to medium business knows the importance of building and then maintaining its reputation locally. By employing the services of a local company, you are dramatically increasing the likelihood of a professional job with a company that cares.

Here at More Heat, we have spent over 30 years building our reputation and establishing ourselves in the local area. We cannot and will not put that reputation at risk, which is why choosing us is an excellent idea.

New Builds Electrical Installation2. Snagging Issues Will Happen

Anyone who has bought or built a new property knows that the industry’s very nature means there will always be some snagging issues. Whilst it may seem advantageous to use a large company based miles away, once the initial build is completed, accessibility to these types of firms may be challenging at the very least, causing your customers and your own staff additional hassle and stress.

With a local company, all of those issues are eliminated as we can respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that may arise. This enhances your reputation as a building company and reflects positively on your brand.

Electrical Testing Torquay3. Giving Back To The Local Community

Another benefit of using local companies is that it enables the local area where you are building to share in the potential benefits of the work. Building new homes, while necessary, causes disruption is not going to be universally popular with local residents, especially if their viewpoint is that the company completing the work needs to utilize the services of local companies.

By using a local company such as Moreheat, the local population will appreciate that local residents benefit from the work and investment, which again reflects well on your company, enhancing that all-important reputation.

If you are looking to invest in a new build estate in or around Torquay, why not try More Heat?

We can meet both your electrical and plumbing needs and deliver a high level of customer service that will exceed both you and your customer’s expectations.

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