PV Photovoltaic – What it is and How it Works

PV Photovoltaic

PV Photovoltaic

As the cost of energy seems to increase almost daily, more and more people are investigating solar power in an attempt to reduce their costs. The technical term for solar power is Photovoltaics, and contrary to popular belief, Photovoltaics is not a new phenomenon; it was first mentioned way back in 1890.

If you were to look up Photovoltaics in the dictionary, the definition would state that it is the direct conversion of light into electric power. Although the United Kingdom is not renowned for long hot and sunny days throughout the year, there is certainly sufficient natural light to power your energy requirements most days of the year.

What Is The Difference Between Solar Radiation and Thermal Energy?

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Solar energy, when channelled correctly, can generate both electricity and thermal energy. To generate electricity, as stated above, we use the photovoltaic phenomenon. Creating thermal energy involves using collectors and liquids, in most cases water.

As you will no doubt have seen, we install solar panels on the roof of your property to capture as much sunlight as possible. These panels absorb the sunlight throughout the day and then seamlessly convert it into usable electricity for your home to use.

To generate thermal energy, we use the energy of the sunlight to heat up a substance, typically water, which is housed within the confines of solar thermal panels. This creates a solar water heating system which can then be used to meet all of your hot water needs.

What Are The Key Benefits of Fitting Solar Panels?

Sunlight is Renewable and Virtually Unlimited

Perhaps the most significant benefit of solar energy is that it is virtually unlimited. Unlike coal, oil, and other fossil fuels that are currently used to generate electricity, the sun powers solar panels day after day, year after year, and is not an infinite resource.

It Is Excellent For The Environment

Everyone knows and understands the damage that burning fossil fuels to create energy causes to the environment. Solar energy is a natural resource with no harmful impact on the environment. In fact, by using solar energy, you are helping the planet rather than causing it damage.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar panels have very few moving parts, which provides another significant benefit; minimal maintenance costs are involved. The only maintenance required is to ensure that the panels are kept relatively clean in order to ensure the sunlight can get through to the photovoltaic modules. Because of the reliability of these panels, all of the well-established manufacturers offer a 20-25 year warranty as standard.

An Excellent Way to Reduce The Cost Of Your Energy Bills

Although this is a pretty obvious statement, the more energy you can generate from your solar panels, the less you will need to purchase from the electricity company. The savings are only ever likely to increase as time goes on and the energy cost continues to increase.

You Even Have The Opportunity To Earn Money From Your Solar Panels

The UK Government is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions and, as a consequence, has implemented the Smart Export Guarantee scheme. This scheme encourages UK homeowners to use renewable energy technologies, such as solar power. This scheme means that you can effectively sell any renewable energy that your panels produce to the grid. Although this will not make you a millionaire, it can help you to generate a small income on the side.

If you are interested in solar panels either to reduce your energy costs, generate some income, or help you become more environmentally friendly, then contact Moreheat today. We can answer any questions you might have, provide you with some estimations on the cost savings you may experience, and provide you with a free no-obligation quotation.

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