Quantum Heating Systems

Quantum Heating Systems

Quantum Heating Systems – The Heating System of The Future

Heating our homes is essential to the health of our families and to provide us with a quality standard of life, but with the costs of energy increasing exponentially, it is crucial to re-evaluate your choice of heating systems to ensure you are extracting the maximum value for money.

Quantum heating systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many households, particularly those not serviced by mains gas.

What are The Main Benefits of Installing a Quantum Heating System?

There are many benefits to installing a Quantum Heating System. These include

Low Cost – When people evaluate heating systems, their main focus is always on the system’s running cost. Most people forget
to factor in installation and maintenance costs, which can quickly add up over the lifetime of your system. A Quantum electric heating system is quick and easy to install, with no need for expensive pipework to be installed. Because it involves nothing more
than a connection to the home’s electrical circuit, installation can often only take a few minutes.

The System Can Grow With You – Another key benefit of a Quantum heating system is that each heater can work individually or as part of a system. This means it is quick and easy to add an additional heater when required
or when your budget permits.

100% Efficient – Electric heaters are 100 efficient, and all electricity used is converted directly into heat for your
property. In a boiler system, energy is wasted through the flue. Whilst this may be minimal, it will still build up over the lifetime of your ownership.

Clean and Environmentally Friendly – Quantum heaters can and will adapt to your environment, giving you complete control
and ensuring that your home is always at the temperature you require. Electric heating has a zero carbon footprint making it clean and not detrimental to the environment.

Flexible and Versatile – Because these systems do not require any flue or pipework, there are no restrictions on your building
layout or the positioning of the flues. You do not need to worry about getting planning permission or considering the positioning of flues the way you would with a traditional gas boiler system.

No Maintenance or Annual Inspection Required – Quantum electric heaters have virtually no moving parts; there is very little
to go wrong, making these radiators extremely reliable.

New Bathroom Installation TorquayMoreheat is a locally owned and operated firm who have been based in Torquay for over 30 years. We have built a successful business with an excellent reputation thanks to the high quality of our work and our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.

We value each and every customer because we are a small, locally-owned company.

This means that we go over and above to retain your custom. We have fitted many Quantum heating systems which have proved very popular with our customers.

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