Regular Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance is Key for Your Torquay or Exeter Home

Why Regular Electrical Maintenance is Key for Your Torquay or Exeter Home

Home electrical technology has moved forward exponentially over the last couple of decades, which has led many homeowners into the belief that their electrical systems are virtually infallible and will just continue to work efficiently without the need for any maintenance or ongoing safety checks. If anyone was to suggest that your car didn’t need regular maintenance and servicing this would be dismissed out of hand, and yet many people mistakenly believe that their home electrics, arguably an even more important component of their daily lives, never needs maintenance. Logically it goes without saying that you should have your home electrics checked, but this article aims to crystallise the reasoning behind this thought process so that you will know and understand the many benefits of home electrical maintenance.

Full Electrical RewirePreventing Electrical Emergencies

By far the biggest benefit of regular electrical maintenance is the prevention of electrical emergencies. The harsh reality of electrical wires and sockets is that over time they will deteriorate. This can potentially lead to fire hazards, electrical short circuits and in the worst-case scenario electrocution or fire. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to suffer an electrical shock will tell you that the experience can be hugely unsettling and the consequences of a serious electrocution, don’t bear thinking about.

The main cause of these types of issues is where wires have aged, become exposed over time, or where moisture has somehow managed to get into the system. These are all relatively easy for an experienced electrician in Torquay to identify while completing a maintenance check.

Electrical Maintenance is Key for Your Torquay or Exeter HomeWhen the team at Moreheat undertakes an electrical maintenance check, they focus on detecting any potential areas where an electrical surge may occur. Electrical surges are much more common than many people realise and could result in blackouts or damaged electrical components. One of the main reasons that this type of issue occurs is when people overload their system, which is an ever-increasing issue in the modern world thanks to the numerous electrical gadgets and appliances we use every day. The number of game consoles, Televisions, Smart Speakers, mobile phones, computers and tablets in most houses today far exceeds what most electrical installations from even ten years ago were designed for, and this invariably leads to issues. Even a simple weather storm has the potential to cause significant problems, which is why it is important to call out a fully qualified electrician if you have any concerns about the safety and reliability of your electrics.

Fuse Board ReplacementExtending the Life of Electrical Systems

Another benefit of regular electrical system maintenance is that it will extend the life of your electrical systems. Our engineers will be able to identify any minor problems before they have the opportunity to develop into more serious issues, which in turn allows you to repair items rather than replace them.

As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure, and by being active and regularly checking and maintaining your electrical system, you are getting ahead of the curve rather than reacting to problems that have already gone past the point of economic return.

Saving Money on Repairs

At Moreheat our focus is on delivering outstanding market-leading customer service, keeping our customers safe and saving them money. That is why we always recommend regular maintenance to and for our customers because it is common knowledge within the industry that this will save them money in the long term.

EICR Electrical TestingWhat Maintenance Involves

When it comes to what your electrical maintenance service will include this will be dependent on the age and size of the property. Our electricians will undertake a range of tasks that involve predictive maintenance, and any subsequent repairs that are deemed necessary once they have been identified.

Preventative maintenance typically involves testing all of the various electrical components in your property. This includes the circuit board, and the wiring and can include any electrical devices. Some of the tests involve infrared testing, temperature analysis, and tests to check the emissivity and reflectivity of the system. We also do a series of tests which are aimed at finding or at least identifying failure. Essentially we are looking for problems which have the potential of compromising the safety of your electrical system. If you have a generator or other backup system, we will also test this to ensure that your systems will work when required.

As with all forms of maintenance, the key is consistency and getting ahead of the problems before they arise. If you live in or around Torquay then Moreheat is the company you have been looking for to take care of all your maintenance needs and requirements.

Electrician In Torquay and ExeterAll of our staff are fully qualified, we are fully insured and we have many years of experience within the industry. We have spent many years building an excellent reputation and this is something that we take great pride in. We are also fully aware that an excellent reputation can be destroyed in a matter of minutes which is why we treat every job and every customer with the utmost care and consideration.

Being a local company we can typically respond quickly and efficiently to any specific issue or electrical problem you may be facing, and once a new customer joins us, they typically refuse to leave anyone else, such has been their positive experience. Up to 80 per cent of our new customers come via personal recommendation which in our opinion demonstrates the quality of the services we offer.

For more information about our company and the services we provide, to book a free no-obligation quotation, or just to discuss your specific requirements call Moreheat today on 01803 605509.