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How Moreheat Can Help You Save Money and Do Your Bit For The Environment

Watch virtually any episode of the news or read any paper, and there is virtually guaranteed to be a story, if not a feature on the cost of living, caused in many ways by the increased cost of energy. Living in Torquay, we often benefit from beautiful weather in the summer months, but equally, in the autumn and winter, things can get extremely cold.

Renewable Energy Torquay DevonOur view at Moreheat is that everyone should be able to turn their heating on whenever they need it without worrying about the financial implications, but unfortunately, that is not the case for many people, and if anything, predictions are that this problem is only going to get worse.

That is why we are focused on installing renewable energy systems in Torquay and the surrounding areas. Renewable energy systems offer two significant benefits to our customers – Cost Savings and Clean Energy.

Cost Savings

The main driving force for most of our customers is the fact that they can significantly reduce the cost of their energy usage and take back some control. No longer are they reliant on the national grid or, indeed, the energy market pricing structure, and this feeling of freedom can be hard to put into words.

Environmentally Friendly Clean Energy

Another equally as important benefit of installing a Renewable energy system is the positive environmental impact. Once your renewable energy system is installed by Moreheat, your energy or at least a significant proportion of it, is generated via the sunlight. No longer will you be using electricity generated by burning fossil fuels; purely natural methods will generate your energy.

What Exactly is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is any energy that is collected from renewable resources. The most common of these would be sun, wind and the movement of water (think water mill). However, when we are talking about a renewable energy system for domestic use, we are invariably talking about the sun.

Why Should I Choose Moreheat To Install My Renewable Energy System?

Moreheat is a locally owned and operated company based in Torquay. We have been in business for over thirty years and worked hard to establish a reputation for quality workmanship, hard work and attention to detail.

As qualified electricians, we saw the many benefits of renewable energy systems and decided to upskill our staff to offer a service that we believe is the future.

Every piece of work we undertake is critical to maintaining or increasing our reputation; every customer is highly valuable and always more than just a number.

We always stand by our products and our work, meaning that you can buy from us with complete confidence. We are confident that once you become a customer of Moreheat that you will be a customer for life.

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