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Four Key Indicators That It Is Time To Replace Your Electric Circuit Board

As technology has improved, so has reliability, and unfortunately, that has led many of us to become overly confident in the reliability of our electricity supply. On average, it is recommended that your electrical wires are replaced every twenty-five years, but many people do not pay a great deal of attention to the electrical circuit board itself.

There are a number of signs that every homeowner should look out for that would signify that the time has come to replace your electric circuit board. Let’s examine those in more detail.

Electric Circuit Board Experts in TorquayUnusual Fluctuations In The Reliability of Your Electric Appliances

The first sign that things are not quite right is often relatively obvious in hindsight. These could include the lights flickering when you turn them on, or maybe a spark coming out of the socket when you try to plug a phone charger in, and in the worst case scenario, an electric shock when you touch certain appliances, such as a kettle, for instance. There could bae a number of reasons why these faults could develop, including overloading the circuit, defective wiring, or a faulty electric circuit board. Either way, this is something that needs urgent investigation, so please call one of our qualified electricians at Moreheat as a matter of urgency.

Electric Circuit BoardCircuit Breakers Consistently Trip Out

Obviously, the point of any circuit breaker is to cut the electricity supply if there is an issue or a problem. However, if this is happening on a regular basis, then that signifies that there is a problem elsewhere which needs to be investigated. The most likely issue is that the circuit is being overloaded, and in most cases, you will notice it when you turn on the electric cooker or some other specific piece of equipment.

Either way, if you notice the circuit breaking, turning off the electricity regularly, call a qualified electrician to check and investigate your system.

Take a Physical Look At Your Circuit Board

Modern circuit boards have a plastic switch that flicks down when the circuit is tripped. The fuses themselves are hidden from view. On the other hand, an older circuit board allowed you to see the fuses physically.

Take a look at your circuit board and see if you can see the fuses. If you can, this is a sign that your circuit board is well past its sell-by date and must be replaced.

You Are Adding An Extension To Your Home

Rather than choosing to move homes, many people are now adding extensions to their properties. Each electrical system and circuit board is designed for the size and consumption requirements of the property at the time it was built.

Obviously, by extending a property, those requirements will increase, so it makes sense to reevaluate your needs and have a qualified electrician conduct a property inspection for you in relation to the electrics. As one of Dorset’s leading electrician service providers and a locally owned and operated company, Moreheat are fully qualified and equipped to provide electrical services to residential and commercial properties.

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If you are concerned about the state of your electrics and need a qualified electrician to check everything and keep your family safe, call Moreheat today at 01392 927761