Time to Switch on the Boiler

What Combi Boiler Do I NeedIf you haven’t already given it a test run, chances are the colder evenings will soon have you firing up the boiler again following the summer months.

We often experience an uptick in enquiries around this time because the extra workload will often be too much for faulty boilers leading to a host of problems and sometimes a complete breakdown.

If you’re worried about a leak, strange noises, intermittent supply or a boiler which seems to have given up the ghost, it is a good idea to investigate before deciding whether to repair or replace your boiler.

Diagnosing the problem

Most problems people have with their boilers require the attention of a Gas Safe company like More Heat Ltd. However, there are a few simple checks to carry out first:

The first thing to check is whether the boiler is actually faulty or whether the control settings or thermostat have been set wrongly. Check the temperature setting on your thermostat against the room temperature. If the thermostat is set too low, your home may never cool down enough to trigger the boiler.

Water and heating controls can also be set up incorrectly so refer to the user’s manual and make sure you know exactly how to set the controls.

Next, check if the radiators need bleeding. This is normally the case if you find radiators that are hot at the bottom but cool at the top. This is a simple task for most homeowners and there are plenty of instructions online.

Before calling a Gas Safe engineer, you should also rule out a problem with your main gas supply. Is your gas valve on and is there gas supplying other appliances (fires, ovens, etc.)? If the issue is with your gas supply, call your gas supplier.

Most other problems with your boiler and central heating system will need expert attention from Gas Safe registered engineers.

Repair or replace?

When a More Heat engineer arrives at your home, they will systematically check every part of your boiler and central heating system to locate the root problem. They will then give you their honest opinion on the cost and timescale of a repair.

If something serious is up with your boiler, we recommend thinking very carefully before paying for repairs. You may find that patching up your old boiler isn’t really economically viable and replacing it with a new, energy-efficient Worcester Bosch boiler will save you from expensive repair bills and the potential of a full breakdown further down the line.

But what if you don’t have that kind of money spare? We find many young families haven’t had a chance to save up an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

This is where you could benefit from More Heat’s strong relationship with Worcester Bosch boilers.

Get a brand new boiler over 10 months and pay 0% interest!

Moreheat Ltd. have a range of finance packages available to help people who are unable to pay out for a boiler in one lump sum. One of our most attractive current deals allows you to spread the payments over the next 10 months with absolutely no interest to pay.

If you visit our pricing page you can see the full range of options available and see some examples of monthly costs. Alternatively, pick up the phone and talk to us directly on 01803 605509 (Torbay) or 01392 927761 (Exeter). Lines are open Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm). You can also call this number for any boiler repair work and we have an out of hours contact number for emergencies: 07792 722232

If you haven’t switched on your boiler yet, we recommend you do so soon. The earlier you pick up on any potential issues, the sooner we can help you to fix them.





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