Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe

Home Safety

Your Home Is Your Castle But It Should Also Be Your Safe Place – Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe

There is no better feeling in the world than coming home from work, walking into your house shutting the world and relaxing. We all work extremely hard every day and as such we should be able to enjoy our home, but it is critical that you follow some simple rules to ensure that all of the electrical aspects of your home are properly maintained and safe.

Tips To Keep You And Your Family SafeHome Safety

Not all of the tasks listed below require the assistance of a qualified electrician but for those that do if you live in or around Torquay then Moreheat is your trusted provider of electrical services. Let’s look at the following tips and ideas to keep you safe.

Loose or damaged electrical cords and cables have the potential to be a fire hazard and are a huge risk to your family. The second you notice a loose or damaged cord, replace it instantly.

As the demand for electrical sockets increases it can be easy to rely on extension cords to fill the gap, and make your daily life easier. However never be tempted to run extension cords across doorways or the top or bottom of stairs, or under carpets. Not only are these extension cables a trip hazard, but they could also overheat leading to a catastrophic fire. If you need additional plug sockets, speak to Moreheat, as typically these are not expensive to install but could transform your home, whilst keeping everyone safe.

Always Take Care When Removing Plugs From Their Sockets

Tempting though it may be to pull hard on a cord to remove that device. However, this can stretch the wiring inside potentially causing damage that will not be visible to the naked eye. The next time you plug that item into the wall you could be putting yourself at risk. Always take a few extra seconds to pull the plug out of the socket using the plug.

Replace Wobbly Switches or Damaged Plug Sockets

Full Electrical RewireOver time particularly in areas where a plug socket gets used multiple times a day such as the kettle plug socket the on-off switch can start to wear out or become loose. Whilst this may seem like an inconvenience it also poses a huge risk to the safety of your home. The loose switch indicates that the socket has come to the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

The same rules would apply to any damaged or cracked plug sockets. If you are worried about any sockets in your property contact Moreheat today on 01803 605509.

Add Additional Plug Sockets Rather Than Relying On Extension Leads.

Adding new plug sockets can not only make your life easier but when professionally installed by the team at Moreheat it also provides us with the opportunity to check that your electrical system can support the additional demands on it. An overloaded circuit can cause problems and potentially could lead to a fire breaking out in your property.

Home SafetyEducate Your Children

If you have younger children it is essential that you speak to them about the dangers of electricity. They should never be sticking things into the sockets or touching those sockets with wet hands. Even a safe and properly installed electrical system can be dangerous if it is not treated with respect.

For any and all of your electrical needs and requirements in Torquay contact Moreheat today on 01803 605509. We are a locally owned and operated company, with an excellent reputation for the quality of our work, attention to detail and old-fashioned customer service. We look forward to being of service to you.