What Is An EICR Certificate?

EICR Electrical Testing

What Is An EICR What Is It’s Purpose And Do I Need One?

An EICR report is a formal document, that is produced by a qualified electrician or approved contractor following a thorough assessment of the electrical installation within a property. EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report and although most people imagine that it is only relevant to rental properties, the reality is that it is also recommended for domestic properties on average every five years.

Why Would Anyone Need Am EICR Report?

Electrical TestingThe primary reason why anyone would invest in an EICR is to provide proof that the electrical installation in their property is safe. This could be because they are planning on renting out their property or if they are contemplating putting their house up for sale. An EICR is easily the most straightforward and least time-consuming method that a homeowner can prove that their electrical installation is safe.

As a domestic homeowner, even someone who is not planning to sell their property an EICR is a shrewd investment. Over time electrical components can and do deteriorate which is why it makes sense to have an EICR done every so often typically every five years. There are however a number of factors that might decrease the frequency that an EICR might be needed. These include but are not limited to

1. The age of the electrical installation – the older the electrical system the more important it is to have your electrics checked.

2. The type of the property, if for instance your property has a swimming pool then you should have an EICR annually, although this is specific to the swimming pool area and any electrics related to the operation of the pool.

3. The Environmental Conditions – If your property is regularly exposed to harsh environmental conditions then this may increase the wear and tear on your electrical installation, meaning that a more frequent EICR inspection would be wise.

4. Damage to the property via vandalism – If you are unfortunate enough to have experienced some sort of burglary or criminal damage to your property that involves the electrical system, then our advice would be to have it properly checked.

What Are The Key Elements of Your Electrical System That Could Fail?

Although there are many things within a complex electrical installation that could fail, the main faults we tend to find include

  • Fuse board tripping
  • Lights flickering
  • Electric shocks
  • Power surges
  • Broken sockets and switches
  • Poor Earthing

EICR Electrical TestingIs An EICR a Legal Requirement?

Technically there is no legal requirement for anyone to have an EICR, however it is a simple way to provide you and your family with peace of mind, at minimal cost. Most people have their gas boiler serviced annually and yet don’t think about an EICR for their electrical system even though faulty electrics could be catastrophic if not properly maintained.

Additionally, an EICR is a preventative measure as it will enable you to discover faults that can be easily repaired before further problems develop.

Does Moreheat Offer An EICR Inspection?

Absolutely, Moreheat has a team of experienced and knowledgeable electricians who regularly conduct EICR inspections in and around Torquay. If having read this article you feel that it would be a sensible idea to invest in an EICR, then call us today on 01803 605509.