Which New Boiler?

Worcester Greenstar boiler

With so many different brands and models competing for attention, deciding which new boiler to buy can be a challenging prospect.

However, whether you have been forced into a new boiler due to a break down or are making the decision to upgrade for another reason, here are some factors to bear in mind.

Thinking Beyond the Cost

Boilers are a big outlay and it is natural to want to keep costs down to a minimum by looking at less expensive models. It is important to steer clear of cheap boilers though as these will almost always be a false economy.

If it’s been a long time since you last experienced a brand new boiler, you are likely to be very impressed with the performance. A decent boiler will provide you with very effective central heating and hot water while still enabling you to make savings off your bill through improved efficiency.

Although you may end up spending a little bit extra initially, a good quality, reliable boiler from a well-known brand will pay for itself in 3-4 years.

Of course, you will have to factor in installation costs too. Replacing a like for like boiler will be relatively inexpensive but if you are upgrading your system or extending pipework the costs will soon mount up.

Speak to a Specialist

If there are one group of people who know more than most which new boiler will suit your home, it is qualified and experienced heating engineers. Having worked with numerous different brands and models, they will have priceless insight into which boilers are best for which types of home.

They will also know which brands are the best in terms of reliability, build quality and usability. If you want to know what kind of issues come up regularly with a certain brand or model of boiler, a time-served heating engineer will have all the answers.

Some of the main factors that will determine which type of boiler is most suitable include the type of fuel it will run on (e.g. for gas boilers you will need to be on the gas mains); size of your home; number of bathrooms; existing infrastructure; insulation type; future building work plans and your preferred boiler location.

For example, small homes with limited space will normally be best served by a combi boiler while large homes with multiple bathrooms and an existing traditional boiler may find it more economical to replace like for like.

On the other hand, if major renovations are in the pipeline, converting to a combi or system boiler may be a better move in the long run. If you plan to add extra rooms, especially bathrooms, you should look to future-proof your new boiler by opting for one with a higher power output.

A heating engineer will also be able to advise you on setting up an ongoing maintenance plan which will increase the longevity of your boiler as well as ensuring peace of mind in terms of keeping your family safe, your heating bills down and your boiler ticking over nicely.

Get a Good Deal on a Worcester Bosch Boiler with Moreheat

Worcester Bosch boilers are one of the most reliable brands on the market and Moreheat can offer some tempting deals on Worcester Bosch models.

We are very experienced in installing and maintaining this brand of boiler which is another reason why we have no hesitation in recommending them for many of our customers.

Please visit our pricing page for the latest prices and finance options or call Moreheat on 01803 605509 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) or 07792 722232 (out of hours).








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