From switching energy suppliers to turning down thermostats, most homeowners are aware that there are numerous ways to reduce energy consumption and, as a result, save money.

Smart stats are one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to achieve this goal. As long as you have a WiFi connection and a smartphone or tablet you can benefit from this amazing piece of technology.

The Future of Energy in the UK

With finite energy supplies dwindling and renewable sources yet to fill the gap, the results are inevitable: more rising prices. Most homeowners will have been aware of regular hikes and even switching suppliers usually only delays the impact.

As this trend continues and the luxury of wasted heat becomes unaffordable, households will have to start looking more closely at where they can be more energy-efficient. A lot of money is needlessly spent through heating empty rooms and manual fine-tuning can be difficult to stay on top of. Rising demand for technological solutions will push prices up which is why it makes sense to look at what’s on the market now.

Smart thermostats – or ‘smart stats’ are one of the best cost-saving gadgets available today.

How Smart Stats Can Save You Money

Smart stats and smart home heating systems have been around since 2014. With some systems, users place the devices within the most commonly used rooms and areas of the home whereas with others, the house can be split into zones and set up differently.

In all cases, the homeowner can remotely adjust settings using either an iPhone/Android phone or iPad/tablet. Chances are, if you own a smartphone and have WiFi in your home, you can benefit from a smart stat.

What Features Do You Get With Smart Stats?

There are various different makes and models of smart stat on the market and each will have its own suite of time and cost-saving features. Here are some of the features you could have access to.

  • Using one or a combination of mobile phone masts, WiFi networks and GPS, some smart stats can be set to switch or turn up the heating when you are coming home and turn it down or off when you leave.
  • Holiday/Going Away setting. Whether you are enjoying a planned break or unexpectedly need to leave your home unoccupied, a holiday setting feature will set your heating to frost-protection only while you’re away. As you travel back, the smart stat will start to warm the house up ready for your arrival.
  • Multi-user setting. This enables you to add family members and anyone else you choose to your access list.
  • Self-learning. Some smart stat systems monitor your energy use patterns and auromatically adjust your heating to fit.
  • Individual radiator control. With some smart home systems you can easily add multiple extra smart stat devices to radiators to provide even finer energy control.
  • Smoke alarm/Carbon monoxide monitor function. There are smart home systems which connect together smart stats, smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors for optimum efficiency and safety.
  • Dimmable units. Some smart stat devices can be dimmed for use in low light areas such as bedrooms

Which Smart Stats Solution Will Suit Our Home?

To make choosing your particular smart stat solution as simple as possible, a More Heat team member can visit and assess your home and at your convenience. By considering your needs and budget, we can provide the most cost-effective device for your home.

To take advantage of this technology before demand and prices begin to rise, please contact our friendly office today on 01803 605 509







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