Why Technology Can Help Fight Back Against Ever-Increasing Home Energy Bills

Smart StatIn the United Kingdom and across the world, there is an ongoing energy crisis. In the UK, the cost to suppliers has increased by 250 per cent, which can only mean one thing for us as consumers – yet another rise in our gas and electricity bills. Although there are numerous ways to reduce the amount of gas and electricity we use, they rely on humans to follow through. There is little point in turning the thermostat down two degrees if your partner walks into the room ten minutes later and raises the temperature by three because they are cold!

Technology such as Smartstat can deliver extensive savings and rapidly deliver a significant return on investment from which families can benefit for many years to come. Let’s examine what Smartstat does and why it is so efficient at reducing your energy consumption without leaving the family cold and frustrated.

Smart Stat - Take Control Of Your Home Heating SystemSmartstat has Geolocation Built In

The problem with traditional thermostats is that they operate on time. While this does deliver some savings, if you and your family decide to go out for the day, then your central heating system is working hard and costing you money to heat. With Smartstat you have two options to prevent this from happening. A straightforward solution is to open the app on your smartphone and turn the heating off. Provided you have access to the internet, you could be 300 miles from home and still have complete control of your heating. Alternatively, you can use the geolocation feature, which we think is fantastic and, more importantly, fully automated, so there is no concern over human error.

The geolocation feature works by understanding where you live. When you go out with your phone, which everyone does these days, as soon as you are a pre-defined distance away from your home, it automatically turns the heating system off. Now you are no longer heating an empty property or wasting money. But perhaps even more impressive is when you are driving home, as soon as you reach that same pre-defined distance from your property, the heating switches itself back on, so you still benefit from walking into a warm and cozy home.

Smart Stat Fitter TorquayGranular Control For Every Room

Has your son or daughter gone off to university? Are you heating their room unnecessarily? Although it can be tempting to turn the radiators in their room off until they return, this might not be a good idea; you don’t want the room to get cold or damp. With a Smartstat system fitted by More Heat, you can even add individual radiator thermostatic valves, which then gives you the ability to control the heating in each individual room, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

The reality of the situation is that your energy bills will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. An investment today in a Smartstat system from More Heat could not only reduce the increase in cost, but it could also potentially cut your energy costs.

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