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In most cases, when we receive a call about a Worcester Greenstar boiler problem, it is because of a problem that does requires a Gas Safe heating engineer to fix.

However, we sometimes come across cases where people have been without heat unnecessarily because they were unaware that they could reset their boiler or were afraid that attempting to reset their boiler would damage it.

Worcester Bosch Installer TorquayAll Worcester Greenstar boilers are designed with safety as a priority and will shut down at the first sign of a problem. However, it is often possible to reset your boiler and at least get your hot water and heating back – at least until you have the system serviced thoroughly.

Of course, if a problem persists or you are worried for your personal safety, you should call Moreheat or another Gas Safe registered company first.

Read on to find out how to carry out some simple checks before learning how to reset a Worcester Greenstar boiler:

Simple Troubleshooting Steps

Losing your heating and hot water is a source of stress but can often be due to a simple cause.

Before resetting your boiler, make sure your system is actually calling for heat. You will need to check:

Worcester Greenstar boilerControls and thermostats. First, check your boiler thermostat. This will be a dial on the boiler with numbers or possibly a ‘min’ and ‘max’ setting. This should be set fairly high. Next, check your overall room thermostat. There are many designs but most will include a dial and a digital readout. If the dial has been turned down too low (e.g. to below 18 degrees) then your system will only request heat when the temperature of your room drops to below that level – which may not happen often.

Next, check the control panel for your heating and boiler (you may need to retrieve the instructions manual). If the heating and hot water are set to ‘off,’ your boiler will not come on. If it is set to ‘timed,’ it will only come on between the times you set.

Next, check the pressure gauge. In many Worcester Greenstar boilers, this will be behind a flap at the bottom. Check that the pointer is in the green zone and is around 1.5 bar. If it is in the red (low or high) you will need to call a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Please note, iIf you have an older system with a tank in the loft, the pressure is maintained automatically and you probably won’t find a gauge.

Finally, check the gas supply to other appliances in your home (gas fire, cooker, etc.) If these are not working either and your gas supply is set to be on, your should call your gas supplier for advice.

Lights and Error Codes

If all of the above is in order, it is time to look more closely at the signals your boiler is presenting to you. Worcester Greenstar boilers indicate a problem with a prominent blue flashing light. Many will also have a display containing a fault code and sometimes a numerical cause code (the most advanced will provide a written description too).

There are many different fault codes including:

b7 (internal error)
C6/7 (fan problem)
D1 (sensor error)
EA (ignition error)

The cause codes can narrow the issue down further:

For example:

C6 215 (fan running too fast)
C6 216 (fan running too slow)
C7 214 (fan not running)

The good news is that many of these issues can be resolved (at least temporarily) by a reset.

Now you just need to know how to reset a Worcester Greenstar boiler!

How to Reset a Worcester Greenstar Boiler

Resetting a Worcester Greenstar boiler is very easy to do. In most cases, you will simply need to hold the button marked ‘reset’ for three seconds. In some models you may see a reset light at the end of the temperature dial. In this case, just turn the dial down to the reset light, leave it there for three seconds and then turn it back to its original position.

Learning how to reset a Worcester Greenstar boiler will save you the expense of an engineer call out for one-off problems and will enable you to temporary restore heat and hot water in many cases.

However, if the process above doesn’t work or you find yourself regularly resetting your boiler, you will need a thorough system check.

To book a service or heating system investigation from a Gas Safe registered engineer, please call Moreheat on 01803 605509 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) or 07792 722232 (out of hours).


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